Bespoke Fabrics and Products

Bespoke Fabrics & Products


Your creative concepts realised in beautiful fabrics.

Many of our customers come to us knowing the product they want at the end, but with a limited understanding of the weaving process. We don’t see that as a negative. You have the creative vision, and we have the technical design skills to develop a product efficiently and to brief.

As the UK’s 1st Soil Association Certified mill, we know a thing or two about sustainable manufacture. In 1999 we made a move towards Organic certification as many of our customers were starting to look at ways to gain better control of their supply chain.

As end-users are putting more pressure on retailers and manufacturers for transparency; Organic certification can give you the power to talk confidently about the provenance of your products without the need for lengthy and costly self-audits of each process and product.

Organic certification means that you can produce textiles with us that have full transparency of sourcing, quality of manufacture and have provided jobs in the local community at a fair rate of pay right from the collection of the raw materials through to delivery of your product.

But that’s not all that we do, outside of Organic textiles we can work with you to develop sustainable alternatives to non- recyclables, man-made and polluting fibre in existing components and, create exciting new sustainable product ranges that listen to the wants of the end-user.

Developing fabrics sustainably covers not only raw materials and processes but also logistics. John Spencer Textiles is close to excellent transport links for ease of delivery, and all fabrics are woven and finished in the local region, so can sometimes travel no more than a mile during manufacture. You can be sure of the fact that when you say ‘Made in Britain’, your fabrics genuinely are!

Our Accessories division offers fully-finished blankets, throws and scarfs in a range of qualities including 100% wool, 100% cashmere and bespoke qualities.


In-house Hand Finishing

Our in-house hand finishing team work to give your products that polished and consistent look which is perfectly on-brand. Labelling and blanket stitching are completed to the highest quality and are given the usual 100% inspection before being packaged carefully and sent on to you. We use FSC approved cardboard to transport your products and try to minimise the amount of plastic and so bulk-pack items. In some cases, we can hold stock for you and despatch as needed.

Please talk to a member of the team about your individual needs.


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